About me

Matt Perrett is my name and I am a lover of ocean and mountain alike.        I live on the surf coast of Victoria with my partner Ellise and daughter Mila.  I grew up playing lots of sport and in my teens this evolved into the 'sideways' sports of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding well into adulthood.  In 2003 I discovered Rock climbing as I studied a Diploma Outdoor Recreation and fell in love with it!    

Since 2012 I have been 2IC at The Rock Adventure Centre.  In my role there I get to do lot's of route setting, outdoor guiding and coaching our 3 youth climbing squads.  The Rock (my housing business, thanks Richard) & the climbing community there, has really supported the steady growth of my business Form Strength & Mobility, which I founded in Feb 2016.  Having successfully coached many local climbers, climbing coaching for adults has become one of my services offered.

One of my passions is to work 1:1 with people, helping clients to establish their movement, exercise and climbing practice that is realistic, challenging, sustainable, progressive and in line with their short and long term goals.  I also facilitate workshops and small group (2 - 4) training sessions.  The techniques I use in my coaching are a blend of directly applied teachings from Kit Laughlin's Stretch Therapy system, GMB Fitness and Paul Chek's holistic health model and education.  I am committed to my ongoing learning about movement, sports performance, the body and it's systems, how we adapt, attain and regulate health in the world.

Matt's movement & exercise education track.

  • Stretch Therapy - Stretch Teacher, 2013.
  • CHEK Institute - Integrated Movement Science Level 1, 2014.
  • PT Academy - Certificate 4 in Fitness, 2015. 
  • GMB Fitness - GMB Movement Trainer, 2019.