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Coaching Services

Coaching Services  For members of The Rock Adventure Centre, all coaching services attract a 10% discount.

Movement and Exercise

1:1 Training

This service is always served via a thorough and holistic assessment and goal setting consult.  Once this is complete, a program is designed and delivered to the client.  Then 'greasing the groove' is the name of the game, consistency always yielding results

$80 p/H

Small group training (2 - 4)

Train with your partner or friends.  Many people love to train in a group for motivation and shared fun.

$50 - $60 p/H 


Climbing Technique coaching

Climbing technique coaching, utilising bouldering, top rope and lead climbing environments.  This can be great for beginner / intermediate climbers to develop an understanding of how to move around in a climbing environment efficiently.

$80 p/H 

Initial assessment, health history and goals setting session

This session can take 1 -2 hours.  Initial consults helps the client and trainer share information and map out a path forward with an agreed training plan which is driven towards the clients main goals.

$80 p/H

Stretch Therapy session

An hour of facilitated stretching, directed to where you need it.  This session is cheaper if done in a small group.

$80 p/H

Lead Climbing Fall Practice session                                                                                                 $80 p/H 

Facilitated use of the lead walls at The Rock, using a progression to gradually build comfortability of falling into your lead climbing experience.  Falling IS a big part of climbing!  When you can push into this aspect of your climbing, you can push more into your climbing potential.