Words of praise for FS&M

Rebekah Bryant

Manager / B + B Projects

I wanted some strengthening, stretching and core exercises to prepare me for an OS trip after some surgery; Matt was thorough and insightful with attention to detail regarding this. It was important to me to learn to do these exercises correctly; Matt understood this and ensured my 'form' was correct both by showing me and giving me links to watch the exercises in detail as well as written instructions so I could check my form each time I did them. He also loaned me a few tools to use at home. Highly recommend to anyone who is serious about wanting to strengthen (appropriately) what is weak and stretch (carefully and gently) what is tight!

 Emma Soder

Climbing addict, dog behaviouralist expert.

I trained with Matt for 18 months, to get in good form for a climbing trip around Australia. He did a great tailor-made program for me that has helped me improve lots. Both my climbing and mobility. I've previously have had a hard time training my shoulders. Always felt a bit weak, Matt helped identify a problem not obvious to me during one of our sessions and then referred me in the right direction to fix it and made a plan for recovery. Now it's working better then ever! He made a great locomotive workout for me that taught me that I don't need a gym or equipment for a great all round workout. I will be using this method throughout my travels! If you're looking for a PT that will keep you motivated and have the your best interest always in mind for your movement and progression, look no further.

Rose Wright

Owner Manager / Girls Got Gloves

I had persistent low back pain sidelining me from jiu jitsu, on and off, for over a year. From before the first appointment I felt like I was in good hands. Matt has an excellent dedication to evidence based practices and his studio space has a variety of interesting resources in regards to mobility and movement health. When Matt created a program for me he took into account what equipment I had access to and increased my workload as I improved. I really appreciated the guidance I had during this rehabilitation period. I feel that Matt was able to help me finally get free of my pain because of his attention to detail, his depth of understanding and his passion for helping people better understand their own bodies. Strength Form and Fitness provides a wonderful space for me to regularly workout in thanks to the 10 visit pass. Cheers Matt for the great space you have created!