Specialised training for life.

Movement and exercise Training

Work 1:1 with Matty to develop yourself and your movement practice towards your lifestyle and movement goals.  Utilising core calisthenic principles, the GMB and Chek methods.

Stretch Therapy 

Stretch Therapy is a fantastic practice to actively assist the health of the myofascial system.  Great for sports recovery, pain management and for those with specific flexibility and mobility goals.

Climbing Coaching

Get clear on your climbing goals and engage a training plan that hit the phases of climbing strength, power & endurance.

Each day begins the opportunity to practice.

Form Strength & Mobility helps people appreciate the long game of movement, exercise and doing more of what you love, over your whole life time.

To develop a movement practice is no mean feat in today's modern busy world.  But let's face it, among other things, the body is a pump.  We need to move and provide the body and it's systems with consistent and complex movement stimulus, for good body and brain health.  FS&M aims to provide exactly this service in a fun, individualised, state of the art and bespoke training environment.  Based at The Rock Adventure Centre, FS&M is part of and has evolved from, the diverse and excellent climbing community of the Geelong region.